How to lock Youtube With Password: All You Need to Know

How to lock Youtube With Password

For whichever reason you want to lock your Youtube – there are many ways to do so.

Whether you’re using a computer or mobile device, in this article you will find out how to lock Youtube with password.

Read on to find answers about Restricted Mode, Private vs Unlisted videos, Parental Controls, and safety app recommendations.

How to Password Protect Youtube App?

You can find a lot of people on the internet annoyed by not being able to completely lock their Youtube apps and accounts because there’s always some way to get around it. Fortunately, in such cases, you can use the capabilities of external apps.

One of the best is AppLock by Systweak Software. It guarantees to fully protect and lock the apps on your device, including Youtube.

Here’s How to Password Protect Youtube app on your mobile device:

  • Download the mobile app from Google Play Store and launch it.
  • Right away, it’ll ask you if you wish to create a pattern lock or a 4-digit passcode.
  • When you choose and enter your combination, it’ll ask you to re-enter it to verify.
  • In addition, it’ll ask you to enter a recovery email, in case you forget your password.
  • Tap the Save button.
  • When you enter AppLock, it’ll list all the apps you have on your device and show you their status – whether they’re locked or not.
  • Tap on the Youtube icon.
  • It’ll show you two pop-ups asking for permission. Click on “Allow” for both of them.
  • The lock icon for Youtube will turn green, which means it is successfully locked.
  • In the “Locked Applications” section, you will see the Youtube app, along with any other you chose to lock as well.

Keep in mind there are many apps with a similar name, so make sure you’re downloading the one from Systweak Software.

Since AppLock is only available for Androids, a good alternative for iOS devices would be Sophos Intercept X for Mobile, which supports both operating systems.

It can provide you with special features like Password Vault and Authenticator, which can generate one-time passwords with a time limit, or an App Lock feature, designed to keep your most important apps locked and protected from others.

How to Set Parental Controls on Youtube?

How to Lock Restricted Mode on Youtube?

Youtube Restricted Mode, previously known as “Safe Mode”, is designed to filter out inappropriate content that you prefer not to see. It can be especially useful if children are using the PC as well, so you can set content limitations and rest carefree.

Restriction Mode works based on video titles, description, metadata, community-guidelines reviews and age restrictions. When it’s enabled, the comments won’t be visible on videos.

This is how you can turn on Restricted Mode on your computer:

  • Go to Youtube;
  • Tap your profile picture;
  • Click on Restricted Mode;
  • Click on Activate Restricted Mode.

You can follow the same instructions if you wish to turn the Restricted Mode off.

Additionally, you can connect Google’s Family Link app with Youtube, which allows you to set Youtube Restricted Mode only for your child’s user account. That way, your child cannot turn it off on its device.

How to enable Youtube safety mode on mobile devices? 

Whether you’re using iOS or Android, there’s an easy way to activate Restricted Mode in the Youtube App by following these steps.

For iOS:

  • Launch the mobile app;
  • Tap your profile picture;
  • Tap Settings;
  • Tap Restricted Mode Filtering and turn it on.

For Android:

  • Launch the mobile app;
  • Tap “More” in the upper right corner;
  • Tap Settings and then General;
  • Turn on Restricted Mode.

A good security app with advanced Parental Controls is Trend Micro Mobile Security, which you can download from either App Store or Google Play.

If you don’t wish to invest in a security app at the moment, a good free alternative would be the Avast app, which can provide you with basic apps and photo locking.

Setting a Password in the Youtube Kids App

The Youtube Kids app has a default password, but you can change it to your preference as well. Here’s how:

  • When you enter the mobile app, click on the lock icon;
  • Click on “Set My Own Passcode”;
  • Numbers will show up on your screen that you’ll have to enter;
  • Set your own 4-digit passcode;
  • Verify it by re-entering it.

If you’re really worried about the quality of child safety and wish to put in extra effort to protect it, we’ve got the right solution for you. There’s a mobile app dedicated just for that – Parental Control by ESET, and it’s only available for Android devices.

How to lock Youtube App using your smartphone’s built-in feature?

Some smartphones have in-built features for locking the apps such as Youtube. To check if your phone underlies this category, you can either Google it or, more efficiently, check it yourself under the Security/Privacy/Apps section.

In some cases, if your device came with an optimization mobile app, it can probably offer you app locker, along with clearing the junk and boosting the performance. If that’s not the case, you can always download a specific password manager app from Google Play or App Store.

For example, if you wish to have both Password Manager and Parental Controls feature within your security software, we recommend strong security softwafe, which supports both iOS and Android devices.

On the ther hand, if Parental Controls aren’t that important to you and you’re just looking for an App Lock feature, a good recommendation for you would be AVG Mobile Security.

Youtube Privacy Settings: How to Choose the Best Option?

Youtube Private vs Unlisted Videos

If you’ve ever uploaded a video or a live stream on Youtube, then you know there are three different privacy settings you can choose for each video. Those are:

  • Public – The default setting, meaning that everyone on Youtube can find and watch your video.
  • Private – Only the people who you invited can see the video. It won’t be listed on your channel and people won’t be able to find it via the search bar. Keep in mind that you can only invite up to 50 people, and they all need to have a Youtube user account.
  • Unlisted – Everyone with the link can see the video, but it won’t be visible on your channel or the search results. Moreover, even people without a Youtube user account can access it.

These settings can be set when you upload a new video, but you can also edit it for your previous videos. Just go to your Youtube Video Manager, and select for which video you want to edit privacy, or you can even delete them permanently.

How to Lock Youtube With Password on PC?

There are many options to limit access to your Youtube videos, by editing the privacy settings.

If you really insist on password protecting your online video sharing, some other platforms, such as Streaming Video Provider, can offer you this possibility. Additionally, you can even hide your profile on Youtube. This means it won’t show up in search results, and all your information will be hidden, including channel name, uploaded videos, likes, comments, subscriber info.

If after a while you decide you don’t want your profile to be hidden anymore, you can easily unhide it.

Key Takeaways: To Lock, Hide or Limit Privacy on Youtube Videos?

There are many reasons why you’d want to lock Youtube, we get you.

In this guide, we covered several ways of how to lock Youtube with password, and explained how to change privacy settings on your videos.

And if you ever need an extra security app for Parental Controls or locking the apps on your phone, come back to this article anytime.


1. How to turn off or unlock Youtube restricted mode?

Enter Youtube, click on your profile picture, go to Settings/Restricted Mode and you’ll see the option for deactivating Restricted Mode.

2. Can I password protect a Youtube video?

You cannot put a password on a Youtube video, but you can limit the access of people who can see it. To do so, change the privacy settings of your video to Private or Unlisted, depending on what your needs are.

3. How do you put a password on your Youtube app?

There are many ways to do so, you can use in-built features if you have them, or download a specific mobile app. In this article, we thoroughly explained how to lock Youtube with password, and recommended several apps for that.

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