How to Invite All Friends on Facebook to Like a Page

How to Invite All Friends on Facebook to Like a Page

The best way to grow your business Facebook page audience is to inform people about it. And there’s no better way to do it than by inviting your friends to like your page.
In this guide, we’re going to show you just that – how to invite all friends on Facebook to like a page and turn them into potential customers. Ready to take your social media page to the next level?

Let’s begin!

How to Invite All Friends to Like a Business Page on Facebook

Facebook drives around 74% of global social media referring traffic to third-party domains. However, if your public page is still fresh or it just needs a bit of a marketing boost, it would be beneficial to grow its audience. 

Luckily, there’s no special code to invite all friends on Facebook to like your page! We bring you three simple methods to achieve it:

Method 1: Using Facebook Page Invites

Step 1: Go to your Facebook page.

Step 2: If you have recently made your Facebook page, you will notice the ‘Invite Friends to Like Your Page’ box on the page.


Step 3: If your Facebook page already has a bunch of followers, then on the right sidebar, click on the ‘Invite Friends’ button.


Step 4: On the pop-up window, click on ‘Select All’, or you can search for a friend’s name and click on the box. 


Step 5: Finally, click on ‘Send Invites’. However, according to the Meta Business Help Centre, 200 is the limit on how many friends at once you can invite to like your new page.

Method 2: Using Chrome Extension

The Chrome extension is one of the useful tools to help you invite all your Facebook friends to like your business page at once. First, you’ll need to download Google Chrome. As soon as you finish downloading, open Google Chrome and follow these steps:

Step 1: Install the Google Chrome extension.

Step 2: Activate the extension and go to your Facebook page. Your extension is activated if you see a little tick icon next to the bookmark star.

Step 3: Select the ‘Invite Friends’ option.

Step 4: Click on the extension’s icon, which will start to invite all your friends to like your Facebook page.

Step 5: Wait until the inviting process is finished.

Method 3: Invite non-friends on Facebook to like a page

You’ve already invited friends on Facebook, but you’re not sure whether they are going to like it. The good news is that you can invite people who are non-friends on Facebook or who have reacted to your post. Note that the method works only if you have less than 100,000 likes. 

Step 1: Open your Facebook page.

Step 2: Check some of your posts

Step 3: Click on the reactions to see who has reacted to your post.


Step 4: On the pop-up window, you will see if they already liked your Facebook page or if you already have invited them to like the Facebook page.

Step 5: If they haven’t liked your Facebook page yet, click the ‘Invite’ button. 

How To Invite Friends to Like Facebook Pages on Mobile?

You can always opt to invite friends to like Facebook pages on your mobile or the mobile app, however, the process is slightly different:

Step 1. Go to your Facebook page from the Facebook app or a browser like Chrome or Firefox.

Step 2. Find the ‘Community’ tab and tap on it.

Source: MyMobileTips

Step 3. If you can’t find the ‘Community’ tab, use the following URL: and replace ‘UserName’ with your page’s actual username.

Step 4. Tap on the ‘Invite Friends to Like This Page’ option.

Step 5. Tap on ‘Select All’ to invite all friends or tap on friends individually.

Bottom line

Inviting your friends on Facebook to like your page is an efficient way of growing your subscribers’ list and increasing its ratings. You can also invite non-friends or those who reacted with the ‘haha’ emoticon on your posts. Make sure you check out all the methods we’ve listed to solve your dilemma on how to invite all friends on Facebook to like a page.


1. How to invite people to your Facebook fundraisers?

To invite people to Facebook fundraisers, go to your fundraiser. Below ‘Invite Friends’ click ‘Invite’ to the people you want to invite to your fundraiser. Keep in mind that this feature may not be supported in your location.

2. Why can’t I invite all friends to like a page?

Several reasons might stop you from inviting people to like your page. You may not have the right role to manage this page, you may have already invited but they haven’t liked it yet, or your page may have surpassed 100,000 likes, in which case you can’t invite people who reacted to your posts.

3. How to grow your invite list on Facebook?

You can increase your audience by using the ‘Invite’ button on those who have reacted to your post, or let the Chrome extension do the job for you. Go through our guide on how to invite all friends on Facebook to like a page to learn how to invite non-friends.

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