How to Backup Outlook Emails?

Backing up emails should be a habit of every company or individual because it will store your emails for longer and will prevent data loss.

This is why a lot of the email software has the option for you to store your emails and easily go through your content to find what you’re looking for. 

You can never be secure enough and that’s why we made this guide on how to backup outlook emails so you don’t have to worry about important emails getting destroyed.

Why You Should Backup Outlook Emails?

There are a lot of things that can cause your emails to get deleted. Some of them are a malfunction of hardware, system crash, corrupted files, malware, unintentionally deleting your mails, and many others. 

Every device can be exposed to malicious software and doing your Outlook email backup will bring a lot of benefits like:

  • Data loss will be less likely to happen
  • Saves you time from the long process of restoring
  • Saves you money
  • Maintains more storage on your email server

How to Backup Outlook Emails?

Here are some simple and fast steps to do your Outlook email backup:

1. Firstly, you should open the Outlook application on your computer, log in to your account and on the upper left select ‘File’ 

2. Select the ‘Open & Export’ option on the left side and choose ‘Import/Export’File Export

3. Click on Export to a file’ and then ‘Next’
Export File

4. Choose the ‘Outlook Data File (.pst)’ and click ‘Next’Export to data file

5. Choose the mail folder you want to back up and click ‘Next’Email folders

6. Click on ‘Browse’ and choose the location and name for your backup file and click on ‘Finish’
PST location

7. The last step is optional and it will allow you to enter a password to secure your emails if you want to.

Alternative Ways to Backup Outlook Emails

We prepared some other fast and also effective ways you can backup your Outlook emails without going through a lot of windows and choosing from different options. We will cover the ‘drag-and-drop’ method and the ‘save as’ command.

‘Drag-And-Drop’ Method

With this method you will copy your emails to File Explorer Folders and here’s how:

  1. Select the files you want to move
  2. Left-click on the items and while holding them, drag them to the wanted File Explorer folder

You can also move the selected items with right-click and clicking on ‘Move’ on the context menu and selecting the folder.

The ‘Save As’ Command 

Another way to transfer your emails on your computer is the ‘Save As’ command with these easy steps:

1. Select the email you want to save and choose ‘File’ from the top-left corner

2. Click on ‘Save As’.

3. Choose the folder where you want your email to be saved and finally click ’Save’.

How to Access Exported Outlook Emails

Since we’ve now explained how to do outlook email backup, let’s see how you can do it the other way around – How to Restore a Backup In Microsoft Outlook? Or simply put, how to import your backed-up emails into your Microsoft Outlook account.

1. Open Microsoft Outlook on your computer, click ‘File’,  go to ‘Open & Export’, and choose ‘Import/Export’

Outlook's "Import/Export" option.

2. Select the ’Import From Another Program or File’ option and click ‘Next’

Outlook's "Import from another program or file" option.

3. Choose ’Outlook Data File’ and click on ‘Next’

The file types you can choose to import from.

4. Click on ‘Browse’ and select the PST file you want to import. From the options provided, choose if you want to replace duplicate emails, create duplicate emails, or do not import duplicate emails at all. Once you have done this, choose ’Next’

The import options for the file being imported from.

5. After selecting the folder you want to import, choose if you want to import items into the current folder or import them into the same folder and click ‘Finish’.

If you want to find out how to minimise the possibility of a password hack, check out our How to Change Your Outlook Password Guide.

Finishing Thoughts

With the digitalisation of every prospect of our lives, email communication has become a really important feature.

Outlook has one of the top email open rates globally. Losing even just one Outlook file, important email conversation or just a contact can cause problems.

That’s why we recommend always backing up your most important information and emails. If you don’t know how we got you covered with our guide about how to backup Outlook emails.


1. Can I automatically save outlook emails on my computer?

You can save your Outlook emails on your computer by using special software or using the ‘auto-archive’ settings that you can find in Outlook by going to File-> Options -> Advanced.

2. How do I transfer my Outlook emails to a new computer?

You can transfer your emails by using the options in the Microsoft Outlook application on your computer. For the detailed steps and a few additional tips, check out our guide on how to backup outlook emails.

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