How Much Does a Mattress Cost?

how much does a mattress cost

Nowadays, manufacturers are using high-quality materials, which also affects mattress pricing.

So, how much does a mattress cost, and what should you take into account when choosing the one for yourself?

Let us guide you through the exciting process of purchasing a new mattress.

How Much Does a Mattress Cost in Australia?

Generally, mattress price in Australia ranges from as low as $80 up to $20,000. Mattress cost depends on its size, support system and comfort layer. Below, we compare mattresses by price range and what to expect.


$80 – $500

  • Simpler structure
  • Economic basics
  • No-frills and extras
  • Wallet-friendly


$501 – $2,000

  • More sophisticated spring mattress system
  • Layers of woven fabric
  • Foam layers
  • A happy balance between the two ends



  • Pocket Spring System
  • Layers of foam, gels and knitted fabric
  • Luxurious feel
  • Long-term investment

The Size

Naturally, the price increases with the width and the length of a mattress. These are the most common Australian mattress sizes and their average price:

153 cm x 203 cm183 cm x 203 cm138 cm x 188 cm92 cm x 188 cm69 cm x 130 cm

Online or In-Store Purchase?

Buying a mattress online can be cheaper and more convenient. However, you can’t test the product, so you have to hope it lives up to its description (although most sellers offer a trial period). Also, your choice might be limited, as most mattresses bought online are made of foam.

When you buy in-store, you can test out the bed before purchasing. Moreover, stores have a much wider choice of products which makes it easier for you to compare. Most importantly, you can haggle.


There isn’t a general rule regarding the shipping fee – in some cases, shipping is included in the price, or you pay $0.70-2.50 per mile. You can transport it yourself to avoid the cost, but you’ll be responsible for any potential damage.

Factors That Influence the Mattress Cost

The overall satisfaction with a mattress depends on its firmness level, its value, and the quality of sleep it provides you with. But the mattress cost depends on the following factors:


Since there are so many possibilities in terms of mattress price, it’s best that you set a budget first and then filter your search according to other features.

Mattress Type

  • Foam Mattress

Designed to adapt to your body position and come back to its original shape when you get up. Its layers are made from either memory foam or latex. The latter is a bit bouncier and therefore pricier.

  • Innerspring

The core of this traditional type is steel coils, which vary depending on layers of cushioning. They usually come in these variations:

  • Pocket Springs – have up to 3,000 springs sewn into individual fabric pockets. 
  • Offset Springs – shaped like an hourglass and held together with wire.
  • Continuous Springs – a single piece of wire is looped into springs. 
  • Open Coil – made of single springs fixed together by one wire.

Pocket coil mattresses are considered high-end because of manufacturing cost but offer better body support in turn.

  • Hybrid

As the name suggests, a combination of foam and sprung mattresses.

Since queen-sized mattresses are most commonly purchased in Australia, here’s a table with the average queen mattress price, based on mattress type:

Mattress TypePrice Range (AUD)
Innerspring$500 – $1,200
Memory Foam$450 – $1,200
Latex$1,000 – $2,500
Hybrid$600 – $3,000

Construction & Material

Ticking is the visible part of the mattress stitching cover. Depending on the fabric used, the prices can vary. On the high end are woven cloths or knitted in quality viscose or cotton yarns, whereas cheaper versions are usually bonded or stitch-bond fabrics.

You’ll want to choose tickings that can offer some of these qualities:

  • Tear-resistant
  • Effective thermal regulation
  • Quick evaporation technology
  • Anti-bacterial
  • Anti-allergy
  • Water-resistant

Their price can also depend on whether they’re quilting, tufting, or side stitching, with the latter being commonly found in high-quality mattresses.

Reputable Brands and Sellers

You might be tempted to give not-so-popular brands and shopping sites a chance just to save a couple of bucks, but this can backfire in a few ways – you may risk your financial data being exposed or not getting a refund in case of dissatisfaction.

You should always trust companies with excellent customer support reviews, providing all the necessary information and a proven selling record. Mattresses do impact your overall daily life, and buying them should feel safe and pleasant.


Good warranty deals are usually around ten years. If the manufacturer can guarantee you long-term quality, you’d want to go with that option. Just make sure to save original bills and labels.

Anything less than ten years may seem suspicious, so try to avoid these deals.

Additional Costs

Apart from the initial mattress purchase, sometimes you need to consider the cost of accessories – do you need a foundation box, a bed frame, extra pillows? These items vary greatly in price, so be sure not to overlook such extra expenses.

You should also take into account an old mattress removal as an additional cost.

How to Get a Good Deal on a New Mattress?

Before you decide on a purchase, compare a few brands. We present you three companies with the best quality-to-price deals:

CompanyPrice (Queen Size) (AUD)TypeWarranty
Eva$900Hybrid12 years
Emma$720Foam10 years
Koala$1,050Foam10 years

There are a few extra tricks you can use to try and get the best deal for your mattress:

  • Subscribe to a newsletter – sales take place regularly, and if you follow the promotions, you can get as much as 50% off the regular price. When you see a good deal, take a screenshot of it and vouch for that price.
  • Get additional perks – maybe you can’t lower the mattress price, but you can get more stuff. Ask your seller if they can include anything else in the price, such as extra bedding or pillows, or make a deal on another furniture piece.

High-quality sofa beds in Australia cost around $299 upwards to $1,700 depending on various styles, sizes and designs, making choosing the best one a challenge.

  • Haggle – you can try and negotiate your way to a lower mattress cost. Retailers are sometimes willing to drastically reduce the price and save you a couple of hundreds. You can even negotiate the delivery fee or whether or not they pick up your old mattress.

Do you feel more confident? We hope this guide answered your question, “How much does a mattress cost?”


1. How much does a good mattress cost?

The average cost of a mattress in Australia is around $1,000.

2. How much is a good queen mattress?

The average queen mattress price is between $500 – $2,000. Anything under $500 is on a budget end.

3. Is it worth spending money on a mattress?

Looking to save money shouldn’t be your primary concern when purchasing a long-life product essential for your well-being. With so many options around in different price ranges, you can easily find the best value-for-money mattress.

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