Does Tinder Only Show Active Users

Does Tinder Only Show Active Users

Tinder has become one of the most popular dating apps, with 1.6 billion swipes made daily worldwide, and is among the most recognisable dating platforms for Aussies.

An online search for soulmates is Tinder’s speciality.

You will constantly get shown fellow Tinder users as potential matches based on how closely they’re located to you and whether you’re of the same sexual orientation. But out of all the Tinder users, does Tinder only show active users?

Let’s find out!

How long do Tinder profiles stay active?

Tinder profiles stay active or show up as matches if the user doesn’t delete the app. So if you want to find out whether your partner’s Tinder profile is active, check whether they have deleted the app. Even if they are not swiping currently on Tinder, the profile will still be accessible.

The swiping app only shows active profiles in the past seven days. Although there are no reliable ways to show if someone has been active on Tinder, you can check if their location has changed. And most importantly, if they replied to your messages. On the other hand, checking if they have updated their profile picture or done any other profile updates will help you know how to tell if a tinder profile is inactive.

How to tell if a Tinder profile is inactive?

When setting up your Tinder profile, you will be asked about your current location and gender and the desired gender, age, and distance of your potential matches. So how does Tinder show profiles? Based on those categories, especially on proximity, Tinder will show you profiles that show up first on your Tinder matches.

Tinder’s algorithm is open and without discrimination. It aims to connect people from different walks of life, regardless of skin colour, religion or financial background. As long as you both are nearby and meet each other’s desired preferences (age, gender), a future dream couple could be in the making.

Does Tinder only show active users?

According to Tinder’s website, they give priority to users who are active or active at the same time as you. That is because Tinder wants people to match and meet up in person. So, there would be no point in showing inactive profiles that won’t reply to your messages. Therefore, leaving your Tinder profile in inactivity won’t do you any good.

However, this doesn’t mean that inactive users won’t pop up now and then. Inactive users tend to appear when a Tinder user is swiping a lot, and the algorithm has no more active users to show. They are on the bottom of the users’ pile, so the more you swipe, the more likely you will stumble upon a user who hasn’t opened the Tinder app in a while.

If I Delete Tinder App Do I Still Show Up?

You will still show up as a potential match even if you decide to delete your Tinder app. That is because your profile will be seen by those who swipe too much. If you delete the Tinder app from your phone, your profile remains as it is, and you can return to it whenever you like.  

Deleting your Tinder profile will require deleting your profile manually so that you won’t show up to other Tinder users. If you decide to get back on the platform, you will have to recreate everything from scratch. 

Suppose you were having an interesting conversation with someone on Tinder, and they suddenly turned into Casper, the ghost. In that case, they might have deleted their profile, especially if they disappeared from your matches. But it could also be that they unmatched you. 

Out of 3.2 million Aussies using dating apps, making someone swipe right is not so easy. That’s why you need to know how to write a Tinder Bio, to help you grab people’s attention.

Bottom Line

Does Tinder only show active users? – Technically, yes. However, an inactive user could pop up if you swipe long and hard enough. The only way to ensure that you won’t show it to other Tinder users is to delete your profile manually. 


1.How to know the last time someone was active on Tinder?

If you want to see if a Tinder user was active in the last 24 hours, check for the green dot feature. If it’s there, the user was swiping, chatting or updating their profile recently.

2. How long does tinder show inactive profiles?

Inactive profiles are still shown as matches until the user deletes their profile manually. Deleting the app from your phone won’t delete your profile.

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