Does the Amazon App Have Dark Mode & How Can You Use It?

Does the Amazon App Have Dark Mode

Does the Amazon app have a dark mode?

If you indulge in late-night shopping sprees on Amazon, you have probably asked yourself the same question. 

Unfortunately, Amazon does not have an in-built dark mode. But this doesn’t mean that you can’t still browse the site without straining your eyes.

Read on as we explain how to enable dark mode on Amazon.

How to Enable Dark Mode on the Amazon App and Website?

Since Amazon does not have a built-in dark mode feature, you will need to use browser extensions or your phone’s dark mode to get the same effect. 

Here is how to do it based on the device you are using.

How Do I Turn on Dark Mode on the Amazon App on Android?

Enabling Amazon dark mode on Android is pretty simple, but only possible if you have an Android 10 or newer. Other Android versions do not support dark mode. 

Here are the steps to activate Amazon dark mode on Android:

1. Go to Settings

2. Select Display

3. Select Dark Mode

Does the Amazon App Have Dark Mode
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Now every app or site you open, including the Amazon app, should be in dark mode. 

Does the Amazon App Have Dark Mode
(Source: Gizdoc)

If you want to disable the Amazon dark mode, just go back to Display and choose Light mode instead. 

If this doesn’t work on your device and you are still getting the Amazon app in Light mode, you could try using Android’s force dark mode feature. 

This is what you need to do.

1. Open System Settings

2. Go to About Phone and then click on Device Identifiers

3. Click on the Build number seven times 

Does the Amazon App Have Dark Mode
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You now have access to developer options. Next,

4. Open System Settings again

5. Go to Developer Options

6. Go down to the Hardware accelerated rendering section and turn on the Override force-dark mode option.

This should allow you to see most apps and sites in dark mode. 

Bear in mind that some apps do not support dark mode even after you complete all the steps above. For instance, Snapchat supports dark mode on iOS, but not on all Android smartphones. However, you should be able to get Amazon dark mode by following the steps outlined above.

Note: Some functions may have different names on different devices, but the procedure is pretty much the same. 

How to Enable Amazon Dark Mode on Desktop?

The easiest way to view the Amazon website in dark mode on your PC or Mac is to download a dark mode browser extension.  

Follow these steps: 

1. Open Google Chrome. (although you can download a dark mode extension on almost all browsers)

2. Go to the Chrome Web Store and search for the Dark Reader extension.

Does the Amazon App Have Dark Mode
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3. Click on Add to Chrome and wait while it is installed.

Does the Amazon App Have Dark Mode
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4. Turn Dark Reader On

(Source: TechPlip)

The Amazon site will now appear in Dark mode, as will all other sites you access. 

Does the Amazon App Have Dark Mode
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To disable dark mode, click on Dark Reader Extension and toggle off the extension bar.

Dark Reader is not the only browser extension that can enable you to see sites in dark mode, but it is one of the more reliable ones. Plus you can select which websites you want to view in dark mode. 

Other dark mode browser extensions you could try include:

  • Night Eye
  • Dark Mode
  • Lunar Reader
  • Turn off the Lights
  • Midnight Lizard

How To Turn On Amazon Dark Mode on Firefox 

Unlike Google Chrome which requires you to install extensions, Firefox has a built-in dark mode that you can easily turn on or off. 

So here’s how to enable dark mode on the Firefox browser:

1. Open Firefox

2. Click on the Three Lines icon and select Add-ons & Themes

Does the Amazon App Have Dark Mode
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3.Enable Dark theme in Themes

Does the Amazon App Have Dark Mode
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You will see the Amazon site in dark mode.

Does the Amazon App Have Dark Mode on iOS Devices?

If you want to enable Amazon dark mode on an iOS device you would have to download a browser extension like Turn Off the Lights or Dark Reader. 

Does the Amazon app have dark mode on the iPhone?

No, you can enable dark mode on your iPhone if you want to save your battery and prevent it from getting replaced too soon, but it will not have any effect on how you view the Amazon site or app. 

To get Amazon dark mode on the iPhone, you will have to wait for Amazon to introduce a built-in feature. 

Benefits of Dark Mode

As mentioned in the beginning, dark mode is better for low-light settings as it reduces the strain on your eyes. There is an added benefit of using your phone and not disturbing other people, like in the cinema. 

What’s more, when your device is in dark mode, the screen emits less blue light, which is known to keep you awake and negatively affect the quality and quantity of your sleep. 

Dark mode also saves battery life and for Android devices that do not have Apple’s Battery Optimization Charging feature, it can be a great way to prolong your battery’s lifespan. 

That said, you should still avoid using dark mode in well-lit or sunny rooms or read longer texts, as this can result in eye fatigue. 

If you use the Amazon Prime free trial but don’t meet your expectations, you can easily cancel it before it ends free of charge.

Bottom line 

Now that you know the benefits of dark mode on Amazon as well as how to enable it on your device, you can enjoy late-night browsing and shopping without worrying about disturbing your partner or straining your eyes. 


1. Why has my Amazon app changed colour?

Some users may have noticed that the app looks brighter, but this might be because the company has changed the colour of the top navigation bar to a blue-green gradient. 

2. Does Amazon Fire 7 have dark mode?

Yes, you can enable dark mode on Kindle. It’s very easy to do and only requires a few steps. Here is a full guide on how to do it. 

3. Does Amazon Music have light mode?

If you are using the Alexa app to manage music and smart home devices you can change the colour theme from Light to Dark and back again by going to Alexa App Settings.

4. Does the Amazon app have dark mode on all devices and platforms?

No, Amazon does not have a built-in dark mode feature, however, you can download and install a dark mode browser extension to get this setting. Just follow the steps explained above and you should not have any issues. 

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