Building Inspection Checklist Australia: 2023 Facts and Info

Building Inspection Checklist Australia

If you’re buying or selling a property, it’s important to have a building inspection done by a professional. 

A building inspector will check the property for any major structural damage, pests, or other problems that could affect the home’s value.  

Below we’ll talk about Building Inspection Checklist Australia and everything related to it, so let’s get straight to the point!

What Do Pre-purchase Inspections Cover?

A pre-purchase inspection is an evaluation of a building by a professional inspector, typically performed before the sale of the property. 

The inspection covers the structure’s condition and its systems, plumbing, electrical, heating and cooling, and any visible or potential problems.

Pre-purchase inspectors will check every part of the house, starting from under the floors, interior and exterior of the building, roof space and surface, the site and any additional structures around the building. 

Building Inspection Checklist Australia

As a home buyer, it’s important to have access to the building inspection report because it gives you insight into the quality of the property. In the following is a detailed list of what building inspectors look for in properties in Australia:

Under floors;Building interior;Building exterior;
Draining issues;
Rot and structural damage;
Plumbing issues;
Wiring issues;
Wall, ceiling, floor state;
Termites, pests; 
Structural movement;
Rust, damage to elements;
Termites, pests;
Roof space;Roof exterior;The site;
Pests presence; 
Draining issues; 
Structure issues; 
State of surroundings;
Drainage issues; 
Pests evidence; 
Safety hazards; 

How Much Does a Building Inspection Cost?

There is no general price for a building inspection, as it depends on several factors, mainly the house size and location.

Depending on the size of the house or the property and where is it situated, the prices can vary: 

  • 200-300$ for a small property;
  • 250-500$ for a medium-sized property in a regional area;
  • 800-1000$ for big properties situated in metropolitan areas;

What Land and Title Searches Will You Need to Do?

When you’re buying a house, you assume that the person selling it is the owner. But, there are cases where problems may occur, such as the house has a different owner or multiple owners. 

To ensure that the person selling you the house is the legal owner, you need to do a title search. A title search will provide you with information about the legal owner and any claims over the house that might stop you from purchasing. 

The cost of a title search might vary anywhere from 75-200$.

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Who Does Building Inspection?

Building inspections are a critical part of the construction process. They ensure that all buildings are constructed safely and meet all applicable codes and regulations. Inspections are typically conducted by city or county officials and have a certificate that allows them to perform those inspections.

For a specialist to perform a building inspection, you first need to schedule the procedure. You can always schedule, reschedule, or cancel an inspection, just notify them on time. 

When scheduling, make sure you leave basic information, along with:

  • Preferred time and date;
  • Permit Number;
  • Type of inspection;
  • Type of building;
  • Building location;

How Do I Know My Building Inspection Is Qualified?

The person performing the inspection must be certified. In the following, here are some indicators that will point out:

Professional indemnity insurance

Even building inspectors can make mistakes, so they need to be covered for Errors and omissions, as the client might decide to file a complaint.

Public liability insurance

A type of insurance that can help protect your business from claims made by injured people or people whose property is damaged as a result of your business activities.

Do they have the appropriate licences?

Every building inspector should have a licence or a certificate. Most of them also have a diploma in building and construction, an Advanced diploma in building surveying, or a bachelor’s in Construction Management.

Are they members of any building associations?

Some building inspectors are members of the Association of Building Consultants, Master Builders Association or The Housing Industry Association.

When Do I Get the Report?

A detailed building inspection report should be done and delivered to you about 24-48 hours after the inspection is performed. It would be best if you waited to look at the report before purchasing any property. 

The building inspection can cost anywhere from 200$  to 1000$, depending on the type of inspection, size of the house, and the location.

What is a three-stage system? 

The 3-stage system in building inspection consists of characterising the building, determining the defects of the building, defining the severity of the damage and recommending the next steps.

Bottom Line 

The building inspection checklist Australia consists of several parts that will give you a detailed report on every possible defect or damage to the property you want to purchase. The process takes 48 hours at most, so you should have a full, detailed report before purchasing. 


1. What do building inspectors look for in Australia?

Building inspectors will look for any damage or defects in the property and the presence of pests before creating a detailed report that will be sent to the client

2. What is an inspection checklist?

It is a detailed guide that all building inspectors follow when checking out a property. It involves the interior and exterior walls, roof space and exterior, subflooring, and the surrounding area of the property. 

3. When should a building inspector visit?

The building inspector should visit before purchasing the property, but the preferred date and time are up to the client who asks for a building inspection.


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