Best Sales Memes to Do Business With a Smile in 2022

best sales memes

Working in sales and dealing with people most of the day can be really overwhelming. 

Sometimes it’s just not your day and you have to face the fact work won’t go as smoothly as planned.

A job in sales, whether selling cars, or products online is not always rainbows and butterflies and that’s why there are so many comic memes about it. Every day is a struggle, trying to manage a lot of things at once – rejection, frustrated customers, and even anxiety. 

Stay put and let us cheer you up with some of the best sales memes out there.

1. I’m FINE, totally fine.

Source: The Daily Sales

This sale target meme says it all. Having a higher sales target will definitely mean you’ll have to cut off a little of the sandbagging, and to be honest, who would want that?

2. Dealing with rejections

Source: Sales Humor 

Talking to a potential customer and getting rejected after entirely putting yourself out there can be tough. Unfortunately, in sales, every conversation can be like fighting with the great Sylvester Stallone.

But don’t take it too seriously and start learning how to sell your pitch better with every rejection. Just remember persistence will always win.

3. Is there something sweeter than a mile long text?

Source: Cience

I mean, we get it, so many important things to say, and so little time. Coming up with the perfect sales pitch is not a piece of cake. But the most important thing is that you should be as concise, short, and convincing as you can. 

4. Sales doesn’t need to be hard

Source: Sales Humor

Everybody has their own way of doing the job. Sometimes, only staring will do. 

All jokes aside, this is a sarcastic meme, and what you should really do is have something that will make you unique and more approachable than any other salesperson.

5. Your time to shine

Source: Sales Humor

Being a salesperson sometimes means seizing every opportunity just to make the sale. It doesn’t matter if that involves interrupting someone’s conversation and offering your product or service. 

6. I don’t get it

Well, being interested has so many different meanings it’s so hard to understand what the prospect meant. 

7. The unrealistic expectations  

Source: Memecrunch

Setting up achievable goals is one of the most important things in sales. Trying or hoping to do the impossible will bring frustrations on so many different levels. 

8. Let me just double check that for you

Source: Sales humor

As a salesperson, you have rules you have to obey and sometimes you just know that the price is non-negotiable. Just go with the flow of the conversation and convince them why the price you’re offering is totally worth it.

9. Ah, those tire-kickers 

Source: Video form

No, no, I am not crying, I am laughing. These are just tears of joy.
One of the many “rewards” of this job is the ability to handle hard situations and move on. 

10. Pure joy

Source: The Daily Sales

Every new sale is a perfect reason to celebrate, and of course, the best motivation to keep up with the awesome job you’re doing.

11. Why, though? 

Source: The Daily Sales

Some of the prospects will just give you false hope using the most common excuse phrases. Don’t let this mild setback make you feel discouraged. 

12. Doing the job right 

Source: Imgflip

When you close a deal even better than you expected, you’ll be filled with genuine happiness like never before.

13. Tricky client budgets

Source: Solofire

Understanding that some are on a tight budget, or have really high expectations can be a hard pill to swallow. In sales, that will happen very often because people want to buy high-quality products for a silly amount of money or are just trying to get the most out of you.

14. The most important training in sales

Source: The Daily Sales

You will just have to adapt to the new environment and a lot of rejection. Just use the advice your senior colleagues give you and you’ll do fine. 

15. Told ya

Source: The Daily Sales

Isn’t it the best feeling to be proven right without even trying? The sweetest sales are those who come back to you because you really offer the best price.

16. That one colleague

Source: Sales Humor

Be careful what you wish for, it may come true, right? Maybe only believing in your sales pitch and a few skills can help you hit that sales target.

17. The grand customer theft 

Source: The Daily Sales

Only the idea of someone stealing your customer may feel like you hit the rock bottom. But we all have to take one for the team.

18. The patience

Source: J.Knox

Sometimes, you just haven’t got the luck to call at the right time and waiting is the best option. Following up with your prospects is also a huge part of the job.

19. The paycheck

Source: Sales Humor 

Mentally and financially speaking, 2020 and the world pandemic hit us all hard. The non-essential product sales were maybe the hardest of them all. 

20. Practice is the mother of knowledge 

Source: Sales humor

Through all of the hard times, just remember that practice makes perfect! Every unique experience with prospects is a lesson and a chance to just get better at your job.

21. Be careful with those sounds Chewbie

Source: J. Knox

We all have that soothing high-pitched voice and “honest” work laugh, and we will do everything it takes just to make that sale.

22. Lunchtime

Source: Sales Humor

Lunch may be the only opportunity to have a little quiet time to relax. But it seems like mission impossible, doesn’t it?

23. Somewhere between now and never 

Source: Dankrecovery

Roughly translated, this means the decision has already been made, and it’s not in your favour.

24. You are always worthy

Source: Blog Close

Don’t you ever doubt yourself and your abilities, and you will hit those sales targets in no time.

25. Those cold calls hit different

Well, to be honest, we can never be prepared enough to make a cold call. Nobody wants to do it, but you have to keep on smiling and dialling!

26.  The sarcasm king Chandler Bing

Source: The Daily Sales

Could this sarcastic meme BE more relatable? Every extra effort you put into your job will eventually pay off, and sometimes really well.

All Work and No Play Makes Jack a Dull Boy

Every job has its ups and downs and you just need to make the most of them. We certainly hope we stole a smile or two from you with these viral funny sale memes. 

Keep up the good work handling those gatekeepers with a positive attitude. As they say, growth and comfort do not coexist. Continue working on your skills!

If you need some cheering up feel free to take a look at the list of best sales memes on social media we made for you.

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