Best Real Estate Websites in Australia

best real estate websites australia

The Australian housing market is highly competitive, and it can be difficult to keep up with all the trends and changes. This is where marketing your real estate property comes into play. 

You have to know what you are selling and how to sell it, and one way of doing this is by exploring our guide on the best real estate websites in Australia.

1. Ray White

RayWhite is an Australian real estate website that provides property buyers and sellers information and services. The Ray White website offers many services, such as property management, listings, search, online auctions, and a mortgage calculator tool.

RayWhite is Australia’s leading provider of property listings and information. With the help of this real estate company, you’ll find the right home or investment property in no time. RayWhite is the largest real estate portal in Australia, with over 1 million visitors each month from across the country and more than 3 million monthly page views.


Domain is an online marketplace for buying and selling homes and land in Australia. It has a great selection of listings, and it is a trusted place to buy or sell your property. Domain is one of the best real estate websites in Australia, with over 3 million monthly visitors and 500,000+ listings available on the site at any given time.


Real Estate View is an Australian website where you can find property for sale or rent. It provides users with an easy and convenient way to find listings and compare properties. Real Estate View has been providing quality services for over a decade, and has a strong customer base with 2.6 million visits per month. That is precisely why it is one of the best real estate websites in Australia.


Some real estate portals often don’t show listings that have been on the market for too long, and Oldlistings is the right place to find them. With insight into previous listings and old prices, Oldlistings offers enough listings to make the search worth your while. It has a dataset of over 12 million property prices

If you want to learn how to negotiate for a property that has been available on the market for a long time, Oldlistings is perfect for you.


Allhomes has a comprehensive database of properties for sale and rent. With plenty of features, such as an advanced search tool and properties of the week section, you can find your dream home based on your criteria (such as price range, size, or type of property).

Allhomes has almost 1.6 million monthly visits, and offers users the option of saving their searches so they can come back later and buy or rent on their own terms. It also comes with property management services for those looking to buy or sell their property.

6. First National Real Estate | Australian Real Estate Blog

First National Real Estate offers plenty of properties for sale and rent, such as houses, flats, and commercial properties. It also provides you with news, guides and research information, perfect for anyone interested in becoming a part of the housing market.

Offering amazing features and excelling in inbound marketing, First National Real Estate is one of the best real estate websites in Australia. 


Possessing all the features a buyer or seller needs to find a home or sell their property, Property  truly is one of the best real estate websites in Australia. It has all the information you need, and it gives you a clear view of what’s available so that you can make an informed decision.

Property offers a range of tools for buyers and sellers, including appraisal services, property search, listings, and more. It is also one of Australia’s most trusted real estate portals, with over 2 million visitors per month looking for properties in different states and cities across Australia.

8. Clark Real Estate 

Clark Real Estate is one of the leading real estate websites in Australia. This family-owned company specialises in Australian real estate, and it is incredibly proud of being people-oriented and providing exceptional customer service. Clark Real Estate offers thoughtful solutions to help you focus on your entrepreneurial endeavours and effectively grow your property reach.


One of the most popular Australian real estate websites, with nearly 2 million visitors per month,  Onthehouse provides a wide range of listings and an extensive database that helps buyers find the perfect property. It also offers home loans, mortgage brokers, and financial advice, and is a great place to learn more about market and property research. 


Realstate is an Australian real estate website where you can do everything – from buying, selling, or renting to finding agents and researching property values in Australia. This website serves as a fantastic real estate advisor, offering you many options to help you decide whether to sell or buy or not, and it allows you to receive the latest updates on the local real estate market. It also lets you filter out properties in specific areas whether you prefer urban places like Sydney or what’s considered the safest like Canberra city.

Bottom line

Two-thirds of households in Australia own their home, mortgaged or not. If you are thinking about selling, renting, or buying property, you know this can be a tedious and often challenging task. However, with a bit of help from experts on the matter, this task can become much easier. We are hopeful our guide on the best real estate websites in Australia will prove helpful to you.


1. How to sell a property to Australian buyers?

The key to selling a property to Australian buyers and buyers worldwide is to properly prepare yourself for the selling process. This means you need to get a good real estate agent, create a compelling sales campaign, and discharge the mortgage on your property (if you’ve got one).

2. Who is the biggest real estate company in Australia?

The biggest real estate company in Australia is Ray White. The company continually breaks records and sells more than AU$40 billion worth of property each year.

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