Best Business Name Generators for 2022

Best Business Name Generators

The name of a company has a significant impact on your business growth, as research shows 80% of customers forget about branded material after three days. A unique brand name can draw people in and encourage them to look at your work.

Check out the best business name generators below for some great free brand naming ideas.

What is an online name generator?

Many entrepreneurs will ask “Where to find a name for my business?” when starting a business, a question with which many struggle. 

The perfect answer would be the online name generator tools, which give you business name ideas by combining dictionary words. All you need to do is write some keywords or answer simple questions about your startup, and the generator will do its magic. The choice of an SEO friendly domain name is very important, to help your target customer find you easily.

Best free business name generators

Let’s take a look at the list of best free business name generators for your small business names or branding name ideas:

  • Namelix
  • Wix
  • Shopify
  • Wordlab
  • Hover
  • WebHostingGeeks
  • Freshbooks
  • NameStation
  • Anadea
  • Fit Small Business

1. Namelix

Namelix uses artificial intelligence to help business owners find the top business name suggestions. The more specific keywords you enter, the better results you’ll get.

Using Namelix, you will have the freedom to write as many keywords as you want. This isn’t the case with other business name generators, which have a keyword limit.

How it works

  1. Write brand keywords
  2. Select the wanted name length – short names (3-6 letters), medium names (6-12 letters), or long names (12+ letters)
  3. Select style
  4. Choose from the unique business name ideas  

With Namelix, you can find the best acronyms, and its recommendations can also inspire your logo design.

2. Wix

Wix is one of the best business name generators where you can get inspired and find a name for your business.

The free generator will give you the most insightful brand naming ideas. You only need to prepare memorable, unique, and clear keywords.

How it works

  1. Enter up to 2 keywords
  2. Optional: add the industry for better results
  3. Enjoy the hundreds of names

Wix offers you the possibility to secure your branding idea by getting a domain name directly on their website.

3. Shopify

Shopify is an e-commerce company that makes new company name suggestions for free. Using Shopify’s free naming generator, you can name your brand, get a domain name, and launch your small business.

How it works

Describe your business in one word, and in less than 10 seconds, you’ll get creative brand names. 

Shopify may require signing up and starting a 14-day free trial without entering a credit card. The created Shopify ID will let you use more advanced services.

4. Wordlab

Wordlab’s Business Name Generator includes such options as creating company, product, or domain names. However, Wordlab also offers other name generators, depending on the industry you’re in:

  • Team Name Generator
  • Name Builder
  • Restaurant / Bar Name Generator
  • Wedding / Event Planning Company Name Generator, and many more

How it works

Simply typing a keyword will bring up a list of business name suggestions for you to consider.

This generator won’t show you a list of the name suggestions it has generated. Instead, you will get only one suggestion and will have to press the “Get Name” button to see a fresh name idea.

5. Hover

Hover is a free business name generator that will take care of your domain name, usually used for the company’s name.

How it works

Write as many keywords as you want to, and search for the best option for you. 

We suggest you only write a few interesting and catchy words, so it’s easier for people to remember the name.

If you are considering expanding your business outside of Australia, Hover offers other geographical areas from around the world.

6. WebHostingGeeks

WebHostingGeeks will solve your problems with finding a name for your business, product, or blog with their simple tool. 

How it works

  1. Write the keywords
  2. Choose the wanted domain name ( .com, .au, .net or .org )
  3. Select if you want the main keywords to be at the beginning, in the middle, or at the end
  4. Set up a domain length limit 
  5. Take your time choosing from thousands of recommendations 

Changing the place of the keywords and the domain length limit will result in new company name ideas.

7. FreshBooks 

FreshBooks’ motto is to create a business name as snappy as your idea at no cost at all.

How it works

  1. Select industry – Creatives & Marketing, Legal Services & Business Consulting, Trades & Home Services or Information Technology 
  2. Write one keyword
  3. Pick one of the three suggestions

It gives only three suggestions, but you can choose to “Show more names” or go back and change the keyword. We recommend writing down the names you like and exploring as much as possible.

8. NameStation

Before using NameStation’s Business name generator, explore the shortcuts for  Short Random Names, Popular Keywords, and Random Corporate Names to get some starting ideas.

The exclusive search tools can help you find names more quickly. If a specific name isn’t available, the designers can come up with similar options and modifications for you.

How it works

  1. Write what you want to name
  2. Sign Up
  3. Look at the suggestions
  4. Optional: Hold a contest for the best idea

NameStation also believes that human creativity cannot be replaced, which is why they offer an option to hold a contest for the greatest name idea.

9. Anadea

The online generator by Anadea will find attractive company name suggestions immediately. 

If you want a longer business name, use more than two keywords; if you prefer shorter, tuneful names, try writing only one keyword.

How it works

Enter the keywords and dive into the endless list with more than a hundred pages of unique business name ideas.

Anadea has a lot of other development services worth trying out for your new business.

10. Fit Small Business

Fit Small Business allows you to brainstorm longer brand names by answering simple questions about your ideas.

How it works

Simply fill out the answers to these questions:

  • What service do you provide or types of goods do you sell?
  • What primary geographical area do you serve?
  • What is the last name of the founder(s)?

Fit Small Business will give you approximately 20 ideas, but you can try changing the answers and keep looking for the perfect one.

P.S. If you want to start your own store, don’t forget to check out our free dropshipping 101 course.

Bottom line

The name of your company can have a significant impact on how quickly and easy you rank in SERPs. You’ll easily be at the top of the results with a business name that’s suitable to your target keywords.

The best business name generators will create a significant number of business name ideas for free in just a few seconds. After that, it’s your job to find the one that describes your idea and the one that is evocative, catchy, recognisable, and simple to spell and pronounce.


1. How do I create a unique business name?

Instead of coming up with unique business name ideas all by yourself, you can use the best business name generators for free. Try out our suggestions listed above for brand naming ideas. 

2. How do I name my small business?

If you have a clear picture of your business idea, choosing a name that will describe your small business will be much easier. The fastest way to get inspired or find your business name is to use a random business name generator. We advise you to use short, simple and easy-to-remember names.

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