Australian Bed Sizes Guide & FAQs

Bed size is one of the first things you consider when buying a new mattress. But, how do you choose the one that’s just right?

Are you sleeping alone, or with a partner? Are you a restless sleeper? Maybe a baby is on the way?

In our Australian bed size guide, you’ll find the most suitable bed for every situation. Keep on reading!

5 Questions To Answer Before Buying

A new bed is no small investment. It’s also something you don’t buy very often. That’s why it’s crucial to answer some pretty obvious, yet important questions.

1.  What’s your height?

The average height of Australian women is 165.85 cm, while it’s 179.20 cm for men. As a comparison, a single mattress is 190 cm long. If you’re taller, you may want to check out the long or the king single, both of which add an extra 15 cm.

2. What’s your weight?

Size isn’t the only factor, though. Different mattresses have different weight limits, but, naturally, a bed for couples will hold more weight.

3. Are you sleeping alone or sharing a bed?

As the name says, a single bed is meant for singles, but not many Aussies choose it – most of them prefer comfort and buy large beds. If you’ve got enough bedroom space and no budget restraints – bigger is definitely better!

4. What are your sleeping habits?

Do you stick to one sleeping position, or do you toss and turn throughout the night? Restless sleepers require more sleeping space, so keep that in mind when choosing.

5. How big is your bedroom?

One of the most obvious things to consider is the bedroom size. Large beds simply won’t fit in smaller bedrooms without disrupting the bedroom aesthetics. A king single might be a good solution if you’re looking to save precious space but also don’t wish to compromise on comfort.

Australian Bed Sizes

There are five standard Australian mattress sizes available by almost every retailer. The frames and bed bases on the market are made to match these mattress sizes.

Cot Mattress

A cot is designed for babies and toddlers. It’s best if placed in a baby bed frame or a specially designed safety bed.

Single Bed

Also known as a twin bed, this mattress is ideal for kids, teenagers, college students, or adults who sleep alone and need to save on space. There are many options available, for example, the Macoda mattress.

King Single

Thanks to the extra centimetres, a king single will add comfort to your sleep for just a few more bucks.

Double Bed

A double bed doesn’t necessarily mean two people should share it – it’s affordable for a single person as well, or someone who shares a sleeping space with pets.     

Queen Bed

The queen size bed dimensions are comfortable for two people, with extra room around the edges, or a single person who wants to feel like royalty while sleeping. This is the most sought after size in Australia, as 61% choose this bed.

King Bed

The largest bed available in traditional Australian measurements is the king bed, which provides more than enough room for two adults to sleep comfortably. Some companies offer individually adjustable halves on king and queen sizes.

The sizes listed above are the standard size beds, while the long single and the double king size (the biggest bed size available) are considered custom dimensions, not that common on the market, and are made on-demand.

The table below shows the exact measurements of all the standard size beds in Australia:

Type of BedDimensions (cm)
Cot69 cm x 130 cm
Single92 cm x 199 cm
Long Single92 cm x 203 cm
King Single107cm x 203 cm
Double138 cm x 188 cm
Queen153 cm x 203 cm
King183 cm x 203 cm
Super King204 cm x 204 cm

Bulletin Board Of Interesting Facts

  • Only 3% of the adults in Australia sleep in a single bed.
  • A standard single bed frame commonly fits the long single and the king single mattress.
  • The double mattress is a common bed size in Australia, with 10% of Aussies sleeping on one each night.
  • The queen bed size is the most preferred option out of the bed sizes Australia has to offer on the market.
  • The king-size bed is on the rise among the Aussies, with 21% of the Aussie population enjoying extra bed space and comfort.
  • The super king-size mattress is not very common in Australia, with only 1% of the population owning one.
  • Each person gets 102 cm of sleeping space when sleeping on a super king bed.

Verdict: Have You Found Your Perfect Sleeping Space? 

The Australian bed sizes offer plenty of different choices of commodity. Whether you’ll be sleeping alone or sharing a bed, having a few extra inches for comfort is always a plus. 

Once you go through all the bed size factors, do your math and see what you come up with. We hope this bed size guide makes your quest for a perfect bed a bit easier.


1. How do I know my bed size?

Answering the basic questions on your body profile and weight, sleepi]ng styles and habits, as well as your bedroom space, will help you find the right bed size for you.

With more than 60% of the Aussie population sleeping on a queen-sized bed, this is, by far, the most popular bed size in Australia.

3. What are the most common bed sizes in Australia? 

The single, king single, double, queen and king size are considered standard Australian bed sizes, while the long single and the super king size can be purchased on-demand, if available by the retailer. 

4. What size is a king bed in Australia?

With 183 cm wide and 203 cm long, the king-size bed offers greater comfort and is available in most hotels around Australia.

5. What is the biggest bed you can buy in Australia?

The biggest bed Australia offers on the market is the super king-size bed (204×204 cm). However, it is not provided as a standard size, so make sure you check if your preferred retailer has it available or if they can make it on-demand. 

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