Can You BPAY From a Credit Card

Can You BPAY From a Credit Card

Numbers show that more than 60% of Australians use BPAY and credit cards, which is why you might be wondering “Can you BPAY from a credit card?”

Yes, you can. 

Paying BPAY with a credit card is possible with particular billers, but you may face some limitations.

Here’s everything you need to know.

What is BPAY?

Today Australians have various payment options besides cash, like debit and credit cards, direct debit, buy now pay later, PayPal, and cheque, to name a few. 

BPAY is an electronic service that lets you pay bills via online banking.

The company, which has been in the business for more than 20 years, is a popular choice among Aussies because it is available across 150 banks, credit unions, and other financial institutions, and you can find it at over 60,000 businesses.

The rules on fees, limitations, and transaction time vary from one biller to another. This is because BPAY allows billers to set their own rules, including:

  • A fee for processing payments.
  • Upper and lower payment limits.
  • Caps for payments from certain account types (like a credit card.)
  • Daily transaction thresholds.

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How Do I Check if the Biller Accepts BPAY Payments?

The easiest way to check if the biller accepts BPAY payments is to look for the BPAY logo on the bill

Alternatively, you can check whether a certain biller collaborates with the service online

All businesses that offer BPAY accept payments from debit cards, cheques and savings accounts, but even as 68% of Aussies use credit cards, not every biller accepts payments from credit card accounts.

How Do I Find Out Whether the Biller I Am Paying Accepts BPAY by Credit Card?

You can check if a biller accepts credit card BPAY payments on BPAY’s official website. The company keeps a list of every biller it works with and the source of payments they accept.

All you need to do is enter the Biller code and the site will give you an overview of payment methods the biller accepts.



Alternatively, you can ask your bank issuer if it allows BPAY payments on a credit card. 

It’s also a good idea to ask the bank how they process credit card BPAY payments

For instance, ANZ processes BPAY transactions as cash advances if the biller doesn’t accept BPAY transactions.

If the bank treats it as a cash advance, you’ll need to pay cash advance fees and interest charges, which are typically higher than your interest rates as a credit cardholder.

Paying BPAY with Credit Card

If the biller and your bank provider both allow BPAY payments, here’s how you can pay with your credit card through BPAY:

1. Find the Biller Code and the unique customer reference number (CRN) on the bill.


2. Log into your mobile banking account.

3. Choose the BPAY option.

4. Enter the Biller Code and CRN, and other details if required. 

5. Select BPAY by credit card.


6. Click on Confirm to complete the transaction.

Note: Before you confirm the transaction, you can schedule your payment.

Can I Pay by BPAY the Day Before the Payment Is Due?

The answer is yes, in most cases.

Typically, a BPAY payment from a credit card from Westpac, ANZ, CommBank, and other major banks will go through the same day if you make the payment before 6 p.m. on a business day. 

If you pay the bill on a business day after 6 p.m., the bank will process the payment the following business day. 

That said, banks sometimes need more time to clear the transaction for various reasons, which is why it’s best to pay your bills at least three days before their due date.

Can I Use One Credit Card to Pay off Another Through BPAY?

You can use BPAY services to pay off your credit card debt, but whether or not you can do that with a credit card, depends on the biller (since BPAY lets them set their own rules).

Most banks don’t allow customers to pay their credit card balance using another credit card because this can put them in more debt. 

Benefits of Using Your Credit Card for BPAY

The biggest benefit of being able to use your credit card for BPAY is that you may be able to earn points if you have a rewards-based credit card.

This is usually possible with banks that process the BPAY payments as a purchase instead of a cash advance. 

You can also earn points by paying with BPAY on platforms like Citi PayAll, Sniip, or B2B pay. 

BPAY vs Bank Transfer

The main difference between a bank transfer and BPAY is that the latter only allows you to pay bills.

A bank transfer doesn’t limit you to bill payments, but they can be more complicated.

BPAY is a great option if you want to pay your bills online, schedule your payments, and store bill statements – provided that your bank or biller offers BPAY View.


1. Does BPAY charge fees for a credit card?

It depends on the financial institution and the bank. Some BPAY billers charge transaction fees or limit the number of free transactions in a month. You’ll also pay a fee if the bank processes the transaction as a cash advance.

2. Can you BPAY from a credit card ANZ?

Yes, you can use your ANZ credit card to make payments through BPAY.

3. Can you BPAY from a credit card from NAB?

Yes, NAB is a BPAY partner and allows clients to pay their bills with BPAY.

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