30 Insightful Remarketing Statistics That Matter to Marketers in 2022

Remarketing Statistics

Online advertising in Australia has a larger ads spend than TV, so it’s no wonder marketers have become analysts who use technology to target customers in real-time. What exactly is it about remarketing that makes it so popular?

Let’s go through these remarketing statistics and see how efficient this technique is.

Fascinating Facts

  • A warm lead is 9/10 times easier to convince than a cold one.
  • Retargeted customers are 70% more likely to convert.
  • They are also 8x cheaper to reach.
  • 55% of Australian marketers used remarketing to increase mobile conversions.
  • 30% of Australian marketers don’t use retargeting.
  • 47% of them don’t use mobile retargeting.
  • Retargeting has up to 93% better performance than other ads displays.
  • The #1 retargeting objective is brand awareness, driving sales coming in 2nd.
  • No.1 priority for almost 70% of shoppers is getting the best deal.
  • Over 10% of companies use remarketing to target competitors’ customers.

General Remarketing Statistics

1.Remarketing and retargeting share goals but are not the same.

(Search Engine Journal) (Growth Badger) 

In short, retargeting refers to targeting users who have browsed your website without purchasing by placing online ads. On the other side, remarketing is mainly using emails to reengage customers. However, some marketers use these two terms as synonyms.

2. Most of your online traffic won’t result in a purchase from the 1st visit. 


First-time website visits rarely end up in conversion; that’s why retargeting ads and emails work like magic. 

3. Almost half the users visit the site 2-4 times before purchasing. 


Around 49% of users will browse your website 2-4 times before deciding to make a purchase.

4. A warm lead is 9/10 times easier to convince than a cold one. 


It’s much easier to persuade users who are already interested in your company but haven’t converted than convincing new users to visit your site for the first time.

5. Retargeted customers are 70% more likely to convert.

(Growth Badger) 

Retargeting is a powerful way of reengaging customers who are already familiar with your brand, with your ads and emails following them as they surf. They are 70% more likely to convert than non-retargeted customers.

6. Not only that, but they are also 8x cheaper to reach. 


It’s not only easier, but it’s also more cost-efficient to convert users who are already familiar with your brand than reaching new customers.

7. Remarketing increases your CTR by 180%. 


Compared to users who aren’t retargeted, the click-through rate for targeted users is increased by 180.55%.

8. Your conversion can grow by more than 235%. 


Remarketing is known to increase your conversion rate by an astonishing 236%.

9. More than half of Australian marketers report an increase in mobile conversions. 

(IAB Australia)

Around 55% of Australian marketers confirmed that retargeting helped them increase mobile conversions.

10. Thanks to remarketing, brands like Zendesk and Intel have increased their ROI by more than 1,000%. 

(Growth Badger) 

Intel and Zendesk have impressive results from remarketing. For example, their ROI grew by 1,317%, while the conversion rate rose by 30%.

11. Australia’s David Jones case study shows a 97% increase in conversion rate. 

(Think With Google)

David Jones case study shows astonishing results, such as:

  • Google Shopping remarketing lists for search ads increased by 97% in conversion rate and 72% in return on ads spend.
  • GDN dynamic remarketing saw a 642% increase in conversion rate and a decrease in cost per sale by 74%.
  • Optimized remarketing list for search ads grew by 34% in return on ads spend and decreased by 23% in cost per sale.

12. Almost 30% of Australian marketers don’t use retargeting. 

(IAB Australia)

According to the latest statistics, even 29% of marketers in Australia don’t use retargeting at all.

13. Even more (47%) don’t use retargeting on mobile. 

(IAB Australia)

Almost half the advertisers in Australia don’t use mobile retargeting, and here’s why:

  • 43% don’t have a mobile app
  • 32% don’t have a mobile site
  • 24% think customers are not mobile
  • 10% don’t know how to measure attribution

Remarketing Statistics by Social Media

14. Retargeting is the #1 under-utilized tool by almost half of SEM marketers. 

(Signifi Media)

Signifi Media reveals that retargeting is the most underused digital tool for even 49% of SEM marketers.

15. More than half of Australian marketers are retargeting on mobile. 

(IAB Australia)

A recent study shows that 53% of Australian marketers are retargeting on mobile devices, and some of the best-performing retargeting campaigns are running on social platforms.

16. Every other marketer believes social media is the #1 topic in remarketing. 

(IAB Australia)

1 in 2 marketers in Australia says #1 hottest topic in remarketing is social media, while email retargeting was a priority for only 6% of them.

17. Social media is known to drive performance by 2.13x. 

(IAB Australia)

Australian marketers who have added Facebook to their retargeting mix have reported a performance growth:

  • 2.13x more impressions
  • 2x more clicking
  • 1.38x more conversions

18. Marketers reported that retargeting has 93% better performance than other ads displays. 

(IAB Australia)

According to marketers, retargeting has a better performance compared to alternatives such as:

  • 93% better performance than other displays;
  • 90% equal to or better than email;
  • 88% equal to or better than search.

19. Almost 65% of Australian marketers measure remarketing campaign success by total conversions. 

(IAB Australia)

And just how is remarketing measured? Marketers measure success by following different parameters, such as total conversions, CPA, CTR, ROI, and more:

  • 64% total conversions
  • 53% insights into customer behaviour
  • 50% high ROI/ROAS
  • 23% CPC
  • 22% low CPA
  • 18% CTR
  • 12% CTC.

20. More than 40% of Australian marketers allocate up to ¼ of their online budget to retargeting. 

(IAB Australia)

Most businesses devote a considerable percentage of their advertising budget to retargeting efforts. Around 41% of Australian marketers spend 10-25% of the online ads budget on retargeting.

21. Almost 70% of Australian marketers are planning to increase the remarketing budget.

(IAB Australia) 

A strong 69% of Australian marketers are planning to increase the remarketing budget in the following year significantly.

22. Remarketing performs 3x better than non-personalized re-engagement. 

(Growth Badger)

Thanks to personalized remarketing messages, you’ll be able to bring back people who left your site without conversion 3 times more effectively.

23. The #1 retargeting objective is brand awareness. 

(IAB Australia)

Australian marketers agreed on 3 main objectives when it comes to retargeting. Those are:

  • 71% brand awareness
  • 60% driving sales
  • 55% customer retention
  • 52% social engagement
  • 47% lead generation

24. ¾ of customers clicked on paid ads because it helped them find what they’re looking for. 

(Search Engine Journal)

From the people who have clicked on a paid ad, 75% said it was because the ad helped them find what they were already interested in.

25. More than ¼ clicked on paid ads because they were familiar with the brand. 

(Search Engine Journal)

Customers are more likely to click on targeted ads if they come from a brand they’re already familiar with.

26. Over half the customers don’t want ads for a product they’ve already bought. 


Around 54% of customers said they were annoyed by targeted ads for a previously bought product.

27. More than 50% of retargeted customers who’re annoyed by your ads or emails will associate the feeling with your brand. 

(Growth Badger)

It matters how you retarget your customers. If you do it the wrong way, it’ll result in consumers being annoyed or creeped out. In 55% of cases, they associate this negative feeling with your brand.

28. Priority for almost 70% of shoppers is getting the best deal. 


69% of customers stated it’s the most important for them to get the best deal when shopping online.

29. Paid ads get 65% of engagement and clicking when it comes to online shopping. 

(Word Stream)

Users already looking for a product to buy online are 65% more likely to click on a paid ad.

30. One in ten companies uses remarketing to target competitors’ customers. 


Around 11% of companies use remarketing to target their competitors’ customers effectively.

Using a remarketing technique, your ads will show on your customer’s browsers when they visit your website or search for a certain keyword.

Bottom Line

Remarketing is efficient for all marketers who have successfully implemented it. The results can be measured by the number of conversions, CTR, ROI, bounce rate, and other parameters, so you’ll be able to see the improvements in a short amount of time. But even more importantly, you’re showing to your retargeted customers that you care about them by not letting them go – literally.


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