Crypto Credit Card in Australia: Top Options Compared

Crypto Credit Card Australia

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Looking for a way to spend crypto like cash? 

Sadly, when it comes to which crypto cards are available in Australia, there is not a wide range of options. 

Below you will find a list of the cryptocurrency trading platforms that offer a crypto credit card in Australia, as well as their pros, cons, rewards and fees to help you decide which is the best for your shopping needs.

The Best Crypto Credit Card in Australia: An Overview 

Disclaimer: Cryptocurrencies are speculative, complex and involve significant risks. Always take into account your own individual circumstances before making any investment decisions, and don’t rely on the information presented here alone.

The Best Crypto Credit Card: Your Options Compared

1. Visa Card: Best Crypto Credit Card for Rewards 

  • Rating: 9/10
  • Rewards: Up to 5% cashback + free subscriptions
  • Maximum daily transaction limit: $30,000 
  • Exchange rates apply on fiat & crypto transactions 
  • Supported currencies: 112+
  • Fees:
    • 2% top up with credit card
    • 1% top up with debit card
    • 2% top up with Apple Pay 
    • $5.99 for the first physical Midnight Blue card

The Visa Card is a prepaid card built on the platform’s native cryptocurrency CRO. The cards are split into five tiers—each with its own rewards, fees and withdrawal limits. 

Applying for a Card is free of charge, however, to upgrade to the upper tier users need to hold CRO in their account for at least 6 months. This ranges from staking $500 to get 1% cashback with the Ruby Steel card to holding $500,000 and getting 5% cashback, as well as free subscriptions on Spotify, Netflix and Amazon with the Obsidian card. 

Having to stake’s native currency is a bit of a hassle, however, the rewards are pretty generous, which, as more than one crypto Visa card comparison has remarked, makes the card worth it.  

What’s more, top-ups are flexible—you can deposit over 110 cryptocurrencies in your Visa card or fund it directly via your AUD wallet or a credit/debit card.


  • Competitive exchange rates
  • 100+ cryptocurrencies supported 
  • Up to 5% cashback


  • Rewards depend on how much CRO you stake

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2. CoinJar Card: Best Australian Crypto Card 

  • Rating: 9/10
  • Rewards: 1 CoinJar Reward Point for $1 spent
  • Maximum daily transaction limit: $5000 (or 25 transactions)
  • No exchange fees 
  • Supported currencies: 50+
  • Fees:
    • 1% transaction fee
    • 1% ATM withdrawal fee
    • 2.99% foreign transaction fee
    • $27.50 transaction disputes fee

CoinJar, one of the oldest and best crypto exchanges in the country, offers its users the chance to spend over 25 of its supported cryptocurrencies as Australian dollars.

The CoinJar crypto debit card is powered by Mastercard and integrates with both Google Pay and Apple Pay.  It is also incredibly easy to use—customers simply need to add the card to their phones (or wearable), pick the crypto they want to spend and use the card as a regular credit card both in-store, online and at ATMs.  

Plus, the CoinJar Card is free to activate and there are no monthly fees. The only charges applicable in Australia are a 1% withdrawal fee when you use the card at an ATM and 1% transaction fee, which is returned to users as rewards points. The points can later be redeemed in the CoinJar Rewards Store or used to pay for future transactions on the platform. 


  • Automatically converts crypto into fiat currency
  • Integrates with Apple Pay & Google Pay 
  • Fast & easy set up


  • 2.99+ foreign transaction fee

Find out more about CoinJar in our full review.

3. CryptoSpend Card: Lowest Fee Crypto Card in Australia

  • Rating: 8/10 
  • Rewards: Up to 3% in XRP
  • Maximum daily transaction limit: $1,000 per transaction 
  • No conversion fees  
  • Supported currencies: 5
  • Fees: 1 to 2% crypto-to-AUD transaction fee

The CryptoSpend Card boasts one of the lowest fees in Australia—it charges no commission on domestic or payments overseas (or ATM withdrawals) and there are no conversion fees except for a 1 to 2% crypto-to-AUD transaction fee. 

You can earn up to 3% in XRP both on AUD and crypto transactions. Best of all, there are no staking requirements, which means you instantly get XRP rewards every time you use the card. 

Those who want to use their card instantly can do so by linking it to their Apple Pay or Google Pay wallet. If you prefer to get a physical card, you will need to wait for up to 3 weeks and pay a one-time fee of $14.99. 

On the downside, CryptoSpend only supports 5 cryptocurrencies (BTC, ETH, LTC, XRP and BCH) so if you are holding less-known cryptos you might want to consider applying for a different crypto credit card in Australia.


  • Use anywhere where Visa is accepted 
  • No forex fees
  • Manage the card from the CryptoSpend App


  • Only 5 cryptocurrencies supported

4. Wirex Card: Best Travel Crypto Credit Card 

  • Rating: 8/10 
  • Rewards: Up to 2% in WTX
  • Maximum daily transaction limit: SGD20,000 per transaction 
  • Zero exchange rate 
  • Supported currencies: 59 
  • Fees:
    • Subscriptions from $15 to $50/month
    • 2% ATM withdrawal fee

This revolutionary multi-currency Visa card allows users to spend traditional and crypto assets anywhere in the world by automatically converting them into local fiat currencies at points-of-sale. Wirex does not charge any exchange fees and uses the best possible live rates saving you hundreds of dollars on FX conversions. 

To top it off, you can earn up to 2% in WXT, the company’s native token, when you use the card online or in-store. How much cashback and rewards you earn depends on the subscription package you choose—the Elite plan, for instance, comes with 2% cash back, 12% yearly Savings Bonus on your WXT balance and tailored offers from the company’s merchant partners. 

All plans come with a no-fee ATM withdrawal of up to $400 a month, after which a 2% fee is charged. 


  • Available at 80m+ locations worldwide 
  • In-app payment alerts
  • No limit on cryptocurrency external transfers


  • Subscription plans can be costly

What Is a Crypto Credit Card?

Simply put, a crypto credit card lets you spend crypto as cash. 

Although almost every crypto card available in Australia is referred to as a debit or credit crypto card, they are in fact prepaid cards. This means that there is no money sitting on the card, but the required amount of crypto (or fiat) is converted into traditional currency, transferred to the card and used to pay for the transaction. 

Most of the cards are powered by Visa or Mastercard allowing you to use the cards at stores that accept both or one of them (which is pretty much any brick-and-mortar and online store). 

Lately, though, more and more crypto exchanges are offering digital versions that work with Apple Pay and Google Pay, further simplifying the entire process and eliminating the need for  physical cards (which usually come with an activation fee). That said, if you want to withdraw crypto as cash from the ATM, you will still need to order a physical card. 

How to Choose a Crypto Card in Australia?

Here are the factors you need to consider.

1. Fees

Almost every crypto card in Australia comes with some ongoing fees, be it annual fees, ATM withdrawal fees or currency conversion fees. Check the types of fees that may apply to your crypto card (if any), and look for the card that charges the lowest fees possible.

2. Supported cryptocurrencies

Make sure that the crypto card supports your preferred cryptocurrency as most credit cards only allow you to top up your balance with one or two coins.

3. Rewards

The best crypto credit card offers cash back and other perks, such as free Spotify or Netflix memberships, which can drastically increase your earning potential. 

4. Transaction limits

Most crypto credit cards come with restrictions on how much you can spend or withdraw in one transaction. Check these before signing up and avoid any surprises down the road. 

5. Supported fiat currencies

Choose a card that supports payments in Australian dollars. International transactions can end up being very costly, especially if you pay conversion fees for every payment. 

6. Think about tax 

Like all crypto transactions, converting digital assets into cash means you will need to pay GST and report it to the ATO. You could use a crypto tax reporting software to help you calculate your tax returns, although this is still something you have to deal with every financial year. 

More on crypto and tax: How to save tax on crypto

7. Management 

Just like a regular credit card, you will need to manage all your transactions, conversions and top-ups. Make sure that the provider has a handy mobile app that will enable you to do all these things on the go. 

8. Security

Check that the crypto exchange platform has encryption and safety measures in place to protect your funds and personal information. Credit card fraud is a serious issue in Australia—there were 4.2 million card scams in the country in the last year alone. 

Bottom Line

Even though some of the biggest crypto credit cards like the Coinbase or the Binance Visa card are not available in Australia, there are still crypto credit card options for Aussies to choose from. Carefully consider all the pros and cons of each one, the rewards they offer and the fees they charge to choose the best one for you. 


1. How to top up your card in Australia?

You can top up your Visa card with Australian dollars straight from your AUD wallet or your credit or debit card. You can also add funds by depositing one of the platform’s supported cryptocurrencies.

2. Is there a crypto credit card in Australia?

Yes, although only a handful of crypto exchanges allow you to spend crypto via Visa or Mastercard. 

3. Does the Crypto com card work in Australia?

Yes, the Visa card is available to Australian investors. 

4. Is BlockFi credit card available in Australia?

Although Aussies can open a BlockFi account, the BlockFi credit card is still not available to Australian residents. 

5. Can I use a crypto card at an ATM?

Yes, if you have a physical crypto credit card in Australia, you can top up the card with crypto and withdraw money from an ATM. Keep in mind that most cards have daily ATM withdrawal limits. 

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