Best Baby Cots in Australia: How to Find the Safest Newborn Bed

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When searching for the best baby cots in Australia, there are so many baby cot brands, it’s easy to get overwhelmed. Where to buy a cot and how do you choose a baby cot that ticks all the boxes?

Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered!

Here’s a checklist for every new parent and our baby cot top picks.

List of the Best Baby Cots in Australia

  1. Aspen Cot – Best Overall Baby Cot
  2. Aspiring Cot – Best Price Baby Cot
  3. Stokke Sleepi Bed – Best Convertible Baby Cot
  4. SNOO Smart Baby Sleeper – Best Deep Sleep Cot

The Best Baby Cots to Buy (Reviews)

1. Aspen Cot – Best Overall Baby Cot

  • Price: AUD$399.95
  • Weight limit: 30kg
  • Assembly Required: Yes 
  • Warranty: 365 days

*Check the latest prices before purchasing as they are subject to change over time*

Best Baby Cots Australia

This is a textbook example of a baby cot that complies with Australian standards. They prioritise the child’s safety, so it isn’t designed as a dropside cot. Even so, it doesn’t lack style, with its white and natural tones and simple design, it’s gender-neutral, and can easily fit into any room style.

The base is adjustable, so it’ll be suitable throughout your child’s growth and development. For this cot, you’ll need a cot mattress size 130 x 69 x 10 cm. If you wish to convert it to a toddler’s bed and prolong its use, you can find this toddler side among Aspen’s cot accessories as well.


  • Compact
  • Fixed sides for maximum safety
  • Easy to assemble


  • No wheels

2. Aspiring Cot – Best Price Baby Cot

  • Price: AUD$269.95
  • Weight limit: 30kg
  • Assembly Required: Yes
  • Warranty: 365 days

*Check the latest prices before purchasing as they are subject to change over time*

Best Baby Cots Australia

This is a more affordable standard baby cot, very minimalistic and elegant in its design. All of its parts are white, while the frame is made from New Zealand Pine. Cot weight is the usual 30kg and uses the standard size cot mattress.

With an adjustable base and an option of adding Aspiring Toddler Conversion, rest sure you’ll be using this cot for many years to come. Aspiring Cot review notes overall customer satisfaction with the product.


  • Affordable
  • Solid and sturdy
  • Durable MDF and pine construction


  • Plain design

3. Stokke Sleepi Bed – Best Convertible Baby Cot

  • Price: AUD$1,549   
  • Weight limit: 50 kg
  • Assembly Required: Yes
  • Warranty: 7 years

*Check the latest prices before purchasing as they are subject to change over time*

Best Baby Cots Australia

Stokke Sleepi is actually four beds in one. Known as the “Evolving Bed”, it can convert from a baby cot to a toddler’s bed, while adding Junior Extension and Junior Cot Mattress you can use it up until your child turns ten! 

Its oval shape is unique and comes in two colours – white or natural. It’s made from solid beech wood, and the cot weight is only 25.5 kg. Additionally, it has lockable swivel wheels that make this cot extremely mobile and light to move from one room to another. The mattress comes with a cot and is made from pressure-resistant, hypoallergenic foam with a removable cover. 

With so many options, Stokke Sleepi is a great investment for any parent as it supports sustainability and reusability.

If you still haven’t welcomed the little one, check out the best pregnancy pillows for restful sleep.


  • Easy to move around
  • Removable caster wheels
  • Provides maximum air circulation


  • Return fees are charged for Buy-Now-Pay-Later and card payments

4. SNOO Smart Baby Sleeper – Best Deep Sleep Baby Cot

  • Price: USD$1,395
  • Weight limit:  25 lb/ 11.5 kg
  • Assembly Required: yes
  • Warranty: 1 year

*Check the latest prices before purchasing as they are subject to change over time*

Best Baby Cots Australia

This is one of the few baby cot options that includes a trial period, which is a huge advantage, especially for first-time parents. It is a beautiful piece of baby furniture in itself, with a modern oval-shaped design, breathable mesh walls, and a combination of white and dark wood colour.

However, it deserves the title of the “world’s most awarded baby bed” because of its virtual babysitter SNOO. It assists you whenever you need a break, but also helps you by adding subtle motion or sounds to prolong your baby’s sleep or calm crying.

It comes with a mobile app so that you can monitor your baby’s position, and gives you sleep reports and useful advice from a paediatrician and the cot’s founder. Knowing that SNOO responds even when you’re sleeping, parenting’s never been easier! Although this is a brief SNOO Smart Baby Sleeper review, it’s worth mentioning you also get three baby sacks (in sizes S, M, and L), along with the cot mattress, sheet, and a water-resistant cover.


  • 30 days free trial
  • Swaddling available for extra security
  • 5 motion and sound levels


  • Suitable only for babies up to six months

Buyers Guide: Baby Cot Checklist for Confident Parents

When buying a baby cot, the style and the colour are fun to think about, but safety and security are definite priorities. Considering that around 10% of all infant injuries are related to baby furniture, be aware not all cots on the market are safe enough. Even when they insist they meet the industry standard – you’ll still need to double-check them when it comes to measurements, sharp edges, and spaces between the bars.

In Australia, bassinets are not subject to the same safety regulations as cots, but you may still check to see if the bed complies with globally recognized standards.

If you’re a first-time parent, don’t get overwhelmed – we’re gonna go through it step-by-step, covering every little detail.

Industry Standards

All cots sold in Australia need to comply with the Australian Standard AS/NZS 2172-2003. This is the first thing you’ll want to check when considering a baby cot. Each product should provide you with information about safe assembly, safe use, and the recommended cot mattress size and thickness.

There are a few more legal requirements you need to check if you’re buying a hand-me-down cot in Australia:

  • The space between the bars should be around 50-95 mm apart.
  • The minimum depth from the base to the top needs to be at least 600 mm when the access is closed, or 250mm when it’s opened.
  • The cot shouldn’t have other openings 5-12 mm that could trap the kid’s fingers, between 30-50 mm that could trap his arms and legs, or greater than 95mm that could trap the head.

Every baby cot should have four castors, with at least one of them having breaks.

Other parental advice includes positioning the cot in the right place, meaning that it shouldn’t be near the windows, blind cords, curtains, or heaters. Always make sure to follow maintenance instructions that come with the cot.

As for the cot accessories, try not to place too much stuff inside the cot, since it may help your child to climb out. When it comes to pillows, avoid any U-shaped pillows before the age of two. In fact, it’s recommended not to place pillows at all until the child reaches that age.

Choosing the right cot mattress

Another super-important thing to keep in mind is choosing the right cot mattress.

It’s always recommended to pick a firm one that will support your child in whichever position he’s sleeping and keep its spine in proper alignment since its bones are still in development. Softer cot mattresses may seem comfy but can cause serious damage to your baby’s well-being. But don’t worry, there are ways you can make the mattress firmer.  

When it comes to cot mattresses, it’s just as important to choose the correct size, meaning the spacing between the mattress and the bars should be greater than 40 mm when the mattress is pushed to one side, or no bigger than 20 mm when it’s centred.

Cot mattresses’ prices usually range between $200 and $500 in Australia.

Second-hand cots

Even if they have been successfully used by others previously, it doesn’t necessarily mean a second-hand cot will be good enough for your kid as well. A price reduction is an advantage for sure, but there are also many disadvantages to it. Keep in mind both of these sides to make a good decision.

One of the downsides is that the product may be old, damaged, or the instructions have been lost. Moreover, they may be painted with lead paint, and you don’t want your child chewing on them when their teeth start to grow.

That said, it’s only wise to use the second-hand cots that come with instructions for safe assembly and use, and with all functional parts.

You should also know that it’s illegal in Australia to supply customers with antique or second-hand cots that don’t have the necessary labels and certificates. If you’re aware of your customer rights, you won’t be tricked into buying a faulty cot.

While buying a second-hand mattress is easy on your pocket, when it comes to baby mattresses, the experts do not recommend that you use a second-hand mattress.

Bottom Line

And that’s everything you need to know about choosing the right baby cot for your little one. By following these insights into the best baby cots in Australia in 2022, be sure that you or your baby won’t be having as many sleepless nights.


1. Where should I put my cot bed?

The baby cot shouldn’t be placed near the windows, curtains, mirrors, or pictures that can fall into the cot. Also, keep it away from heaters or any other electricity source. Usually, parents place a newborn’s cot close to them and afterwards move it to a separate room.

2. How do you choose a baby cot?

When considering a baby cot, always check if they’re compatible with Australian standards. Read carefully about the safety features and instructions for assembly and use. The last thing you should consider is the appeal and if it goes well with your nursery.

3. What is the difference between a crib and a cot?

There are a few differences between a crib vs cot. Cribs are considered smaller cots, usually with a rocking base. They’re made for newborns, whereas baby cots are usually used until your child is three years old, especially if they are convertible cots.

4. Are drop-down cots banned in Australia?

No, they are banned in the US. There are many drop-sides in Australia and you can rest assured those are safe because there are strict regulations about producing and testing them. That’s why it’s recommended to buy Australian-made cots.

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